Reconstruction & Investments

The main building is currently in the planning state. The plans are being made by a local architect. We chose to work with a local professional because it allows us to discuss and implement the details of our ideas on-site.


Investment Project – COCOSTE Paradise Lodges

A further possibility is to secure one of our COCOSTE Paradise Lodges. Please find the project details in the documentation. We are open for all kinds of questions.


Main Building

Reconstruction & Renovation

Find information and images concerning our project Reconstruction & Renovation of the COCOSTE Paradise main building here. radise.

Grundriss Haupthaus
3D Haupthaus 1
3D Haupthaus 2
3D Haupthaus 2
Haus COCOSTE Front
Haus COCOSTE Hinten
Haus OCOSTE Rechte Seite
Haus COCOSTE Linke Seite
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COCOSTE Paradise Lodges

New Construction & Investments

Here you can find ideas about the construction of the lodges. We plan to have several 2-room & 1-room lodges with varying degrees of comfort. In a further step, COCOSTE Paradise ECO Lodges will be built. Those can be rented as soon as they are finished.

COCOSTE Paradise ECO Lodge one
COCOSTE Paradise ECO Lodge two
CCOCOSTE Paradise ECO Tube
COCOSTE Jungle Lodges two
COCOSTE Jungle Lodges two 3D
COCOSTE Jungle Lodges 3D
COCOSTE Jungle Lodges one
COCOSTE Jungle Lodges one 3D
Muster Lodges inside
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