COCOSTE Paradise

Creative dreams

Our dream to have a place abroad where we can foster our creativity, ideas and dreams arose several years ago. Thanks to the experiences we made in other countries, we both learned to love and appreciate the beauty of foreign cultures. For us, Sri Lanka combines the beauty of several other countries all at once. Therefore, we fell in love with a country that shines in its glory.


As a result of several coincidences, we did in fact find a beautiful Sri Lankan property in 2015. The uniqueness of this place was obvious and there was a lot to discover. It became the home of our dreams and ideas, which we now pursue with joy and passion.


Our current focus lies on the arrangement of the area and on the reconstruction of the house. One of our greatest hopes is to rent our house out to holiday guests as soon as possible rather than to just use it for ourselves.

We have so many ideas, dreams and plans – and we are full of motivation and enthusiasm to make them real.


The most marvellous thing about miracles is that sometimes, they really do happen.

Gilbert Keith Chesterton