About Us...

Corina & Stefan

We are living in Zurich, but our eyes are open to the entire world. Long before we met, both our worlds did not consist of boundaries. For us, the world is a round ball with a lot of treasures to discover. COCOSTE Paradise is a place where we can dream and find balance in our daily life; it’s also a school for life in a most wonderful environment.

We both know how to find our way in an unknown environment. We like a challenge and we always try to look beyond the walls in front of us.

Corina’s Motivation for COCOSTE Paradise:

When I was a child, I was already used to travelling the world. I have learned early on that there’s more than different languages and different food away from home. I learned to appreciate the lovely people I met along the way... I also got to know the wonderful feeling of opening one’s mind, of stepping into the unknown and to inhabit the world with open arms. After having travelled several countries and continents on my own for years, I arrived in Sri Lanka. This country put a charm on me and it attracted me wildly. For me, Sri Lanka is a combination of so much beauty. I felt at home instantly and this time, I went on a profound discovery rather than on just another trip. I got to know and love the people with whom I had a great time right away, I learned about local traditions and I could immerse myself into a culture which is of great value to me. I knew right away that this was the place where my dreams could come true; that this was the place I would want to travel again and again. Life in Sri Lanka is certainly not always easy and sometimes really doesn’t feel like paradise, however, I am thrilled about the positive attitude people in Sri Lanka have about life. I met a lot of people who live their lives passionately and full of love, determined and on their own authority. When we first visited COCOSTE Paradise, I knew it would be the home of our dreams.


Stefan’s Motivation for COCOSTE Paradise:

I associate all good elements of the many beautiful Asian countries with Sri Lanka. It is the perfect symbiosis of people and their culture with the breath-taking beauty of the island. I appreciated these advantages during every stay in Sri Lanka. My goal was to develop visions together with my partner and this highlights my prospective sphere of activity on the island. The way in which we bring something into existence and how we ride on the wave of the future is my main motivation for COCOSTE Paradise and the various projects around it. It is a playground for our souls, a place for creativity with an eye for details. There is no creative limit, COCOSTE Paradise is our motivation to create.